A Letter From the EVPR

Research at the Georgia Institute of Technology is about finding connections between diverse ideas and disciplines. Those links are where breakthrough discoveries are possible that will enable humanity to continue growing safer, healthier, and wealthier over time. There is no shortage of these ideas at Georgia Tech.

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Georgia Tech Research Scientists

Inside the Report

Research at the Georgia Institute of Technology encourages technological innovation that happens at the intersection of many disciplines alongside extensive collaboration between researchers. Advances taking place across the enterprise lead to breakthrough discoveries every day. And this past year saw no shortage of technological advancements that fulfilled the Institute's promise to improve the human condition, even as a pandemic changed the very fabric of our lives.

Covid-19 created unprecedented challenges across campus, but our resilient researchers worked together quickly to manufacture PPE, low-cost ventilators, and respirator parts. Georgia Tech scientists created a home-grown asymptomatic surveillance testing system that kept our campus, as well as the Georgia legislative community, safe. Student and faculty entrepreneurs also tackled Covid-19, with startups that focused on creating apps to help with social distancing and contact tracing.

Even when faced with the seemingly insurmountable challenges of the pandemic, the research enterprise of Georgia Tech flourished. Dedicated researchers and faculty members kept labs safely operating, ensuring that the Institute's scientific and technological advances did not stop. Throughout this report, you will read about research on robotics, climate change, Alzheimer’s therapies, planetary exploration, and more.

We hope you enjoy this look into the state of research at Georgia Tech, as we fulfill our commitment to develop leaders who advance technology and improve the human condition.