Social Sciences, Humanities & the Arts

At Georgia Tech, we recognize the vital diversity of perspectives in a culturally and technologically complex society. This includes research that is focused on public policy, economics, and the arts. With an interdisciplinary approach, our researchers look to make a positive impact on the most challenging human issues of our time.

Cassidy Sugimoto, Tom and Marie Patton Chair in the School of Public Policy.

According to a bibliometric analysis of more than 5 million academic articles published between 2008 and 2019 — primarily by U.S.-based researchers — white and Asian male authors exert an outsized influence on the selection of research topics, publish on the broadest range of issues, and are more often listed as first authors. 

Perry Yang with Tokyo Smart City designs, in the Eco Urban Lab

Georgia Tech designers are changing the way we plan cities. Tokyo is one of the busiest, most populous cities in the world, and as such, it’s difficult to create sustainable, healthy environments. Tokyo Smart City Studio uses GPS and other location data to track trends in human behavior to solve the problems facing the city. 

United States map showing multidimensional poverty across the nation

New research finds that people living in California, Texas, and Florida were more likely than other U.S. residents to experience multiple forms of deprivation, such as lack of access to healthcare or affordable housing. These multiple deprivations combined to push many into a state of poverty that has not been picked up in official income-based measures.  

Terminus Ballet Theatre


Georgia Tech and Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre have mixed dance with the fields of neuroscience, technology, and artificial intelligence to create a unique performance. Researchers have been meeting with the ballet company for the last year and a half to shape the concept, which explores ideas at the forefront of mechanical interventions into the human body and mind.